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Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

- 1 Peter 5:5 KJV

Raven Chery

Raven is a senior at the High School for Public Service: Heroes of Tomorrow in Brooklyn, NY. Raven is a huge part of her school community. Raven is also one of the co-chairwomen on the school’s senior committee, a member of the National Honor Society and the National Archon Society (she has accomplished over 200 hours of community service), and assistant to the Athletic Director. Raven graduated with high honors, an advanced regents diploma, and was in the top 12% of her class. She’s played tennis, ran cross country, and did cheerleading.


Raven dedicated herself to the school because she realized how a community could shape a person. She decided to appreciate what she had around her. When she nourished what was inside, she would soon be picked for things outside of school, such as the youth basketball league she worked with. She volunteered with this youth basketball league through her athletic director, where she learned better networking skills. Volunteering allowed her to form relationships and bonds that would last her a lifetime and follow her to college. As one of the committee’s co-chairwomen, she constantly had new ideas for improving their school year. The committee raised money to fund the Class of 2023 through bake sales, movie nights, trips, etc. Her motive was to help her classmates get to know one another better. After the pandemic, when they came back, everyone was split into groups. Through her efforts, she was happy to get to know her classmates and most of the staff. One of her favorite phrases to live by is, “Speak to the janitor the same way you do the CEO. They’re people, too, and they make a difference. Even if it is a small one, there is still change. That’s just like me, I may be one person, but I had a big impact.”


Raven will be attending Howard University in the fall of 2023! HU! You Know! She will major in biology in hopes to go on to Howard’s medical school and become an OB/GYN. She wants to have an impact on the increase in the Black maternal mortality rate currently in the U.S.


Raven Chery is the daughter of Keisha Thom and granddaughter of Millicent and Godfrey Thom. Thank you, Mom! I wouldn’t be here without you.

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