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Sheena Lefaye Crews, a native of Henderson, NC, is a 2001 alum of Northern Vance High School in Henderson, NC, and an award-winning designer in the greater Washington, D.C., area. As a 2005 graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C., Sheena’s work has been seen by influential people such as former President Barack Obama, and Grammy award-winning artist Patti LaBelle. Her work was featured in Times Square, in downtown New York. She currently serves as the senior creative director at Catholic Charities USA, one of the U.S.’ largest social service organizations and the former vice president of the youth department at Abundant Life United Holy Church, under the leadership of the late Bishop Hildred L. Perry, Sr.


Even in the midst of a thriving career in design, Sheena humbled herself to the will of God and accepted her calling into the ministry evangelizing to youth through the Word of God and personal experiences. Through God’s calling, Know Your Worth was born.


The mission of Know Your Worth, LLC (established in April 2018) is to develop values and confidence in the hearts and minds of young people through the teachings of Christ Jesus. The desire is to heal any brokenness, anger, and confusion that might consume the lives of our young people. Every young person is uniquely made with a purpose and can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Therefore, the goal for our youth around this world is to: “KNOW YOUR WORTH!”


Sheena believes her struggles and triumphs has led her thus far. “If it had not been for the Lord on her side, where would she be?”


She accepted Christ at the tender age of eight after her puppy was hit by a car. Her dad told her how quickly life could be taken, and should she pass away like “Socks” (her puppy), she needed to know where she was going. Simply put, but profound. With the guidance of her parents, she gave her life to the Lord at her home church Morning Star United Holy Church under the leadership of the late Rev. Charlie Bullock.


Sheena is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Crews, Sr. of Middleburg, NC. She has one brother and sister-in-law: Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Crews, Jr. of Plano, Texas.


Regardless of where Sheena has traveled, and regardless of whom she has met, she will tell you the most important thing about her is expressed through her favorite testimony song:


I’m running for my life, if anybody asks you what’s the matter with me, tell them I’m saved, sanctified, holy ghost-filled and I’m fire baptized, I’ve got Jesus on my side, and I’m running for my life!

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