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Know Your Worth, LLC (established in April 2018) is a God-ordained ministry striving to educate young people about the struggles of life. We believe that every young person is uniquely made with a purpose and they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them!


Today most of our young people are filled with thoughts of suicide, depression, and anger. They have pulled away from God and the church, but we are here to bridge the gap between what is socially and spiritually acceptable! As a God-ordained ministry, we have been charged to instill into our youth a desire to live a life of holiness and spiritual discernment.


Our youth are special, and uniquely made with a purpose, but we must teach and lead this “show me” generation. Therefore, the goal for our youth around this world is to: “KNOW YOUR WORTH!”


The mission of Know Your Worth is to establish values and confidence in the hearts and minds of young people through the teachings of Christ Jesus. We desire to heal any brokenness, anger, and confusion that might consume the lives of our young people.

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